Adults Martial Arts

When Was the Last Time You Had a Total Fitness Experience?

You have probably tried gym memberships, home fitness equipment, or even 7 minute ab videos! The problem is that nothing you’ve tried yet has kept you motivated enough to reach your goals. With TaeKwon-Do you get a lot more than just exercise. You become part of a community that is dedicated to excellence. You get a program that is built to work on every aspect of your life. You not only get an intense workout you also get to build skills in leadership, mental focus, self defense, self confidence and much more. Remember when you were a kid and hated running laps in Gym class? Yet you had no problem running for hours while playing football, soccer, tag, etc. That’s because you were having fun and working towards a goal, which is exactly what the fun and exciting classes at our school will do for you. You not only have fun and get a ton of exercise but you are working towards goals in other areas of your life.

The Five Tenets of TaeKwon-Do:

• Courtesy: To be thoughtful and considerate of others.
• Integrity: To be honest and good.
• Perseverance: To never give up in the pursuit of one’s goals.
• Self Control: To have control of your body and mind.
• Indomitable Spirit: To have courage in the face of adversity.

It’s a Total Fitness Experience

Physical Fitness – Get in shape, lose weight, get that beach body back.
Mental Fitness – Reduce stress, gain focus, succeed at anything you put your mind to!
Moral Fitness – Learn the values of TaeKwon-Do and how they make you a morally better person.
Financial Fitness – Again and again, studies have shown that students of TaeKwon-Do have an improved financial and work life.

Self Defense

On top of a total fitness experience you will learn how to defend yourself and your family. The news seems to keep getting worse and worse; if you don’t know how to protect yourself you may become a statistic. Our students learn to become Victors, not victims!