As parents ourselves we understand how precious your kids are to you. When your child is picked up from school you want to have the assurance that they are safe and having a good time.

Summer Camp

Our parents consistently report
improved behavior at home and better grades at school. The children in our class learn to listen to their instructors; the discipline they’ll learn progressing in martial arts will help in every aspect of life!

Adult Classes

You have probably tried gym memberships, home fitness equipment or even seven minute ab videos! The problem is that none of them have kept you motivated to keep at it and hit your goals.

TaeKwon-Do South Tampa

Commit Your Spirit to the Pursuit of Excellence!

TaeKwon-Do is an ancient Korean martial art. Many people practice TaeKwon-Do for its self-defense benefits, but it is also an art and is studied and appreciated for its beauty and grace of movement. The spiritual aspect of TaeKwon-Do is found in its philosophy of self-restraint, kindness and humility.

Traditional TaeKwon-Do is the original style which differs from modernized forms and other martial arts in several ways: no physical contact is allowed in free sparring, it is more aerobic in training than other styles, and the emphasis is on each student’s own improvement rather than on competition with others.

Master Brunner

Kwan Jang-Nim Gerhard Brunner was born in Munich, Germany and has been practicing TaeKwon-Do for 42 years. He is currently a 7th Dan black belt and has been teaching for over 37 years. Master Brunner has gained international recognition and numerous awards throughout the years, including the Hall of Fame Award for Outstanding Traditional Leadership. After establishing nine schools in Germany he opened the first Traditional TaeKwon-Do Center in Tampa, Florida in 1997. Master Brunner was the first certified Kimoodo instructor in the United States.